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  1. Evernote seems to be the typical company that constantly throws new features on the market that no one wants or needs (Work chat?!). At the same time, it fails to provide a stable product. In the early days, I would regularly lose notebooks because the syncing sucked. In addition, when it synced a note, the editor would jump to the top of the note - super annoying if you are working on a long note and are somewhere at the end. For the longest time, you couldn't resize images in Evernote (WTF?). Believe me or not, it is these small things that immediately tell you if a product is developed by a skilled team. Now I am wasting my morning trying to get the code blocks in Evernote Web working. Now you might say to use the Desktop version if you want code blocks. Nope, on Linux, there is no ***** support for Desktop (see a million threads on this topic). Linux is my Developer Machine (also use Mac and Windows). Don't even get me started on Open Source Clients. Now you might say to use the Web Client if you want code blocks. Nope, there is no code block in FF on Web Client. The latest FF is amazing - why would you not support this? Now you might say to try the new Beta if you want code blocks. Try again. Q.E.D. Btw, I am/was a paying customer. As soon as something better comes along I will ditch Evernote for good.
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