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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. We're testing this out tomorrow. Luckily the Evernote team has escalated this and we're doing a remote session tomorrow and they're now looking into this. Will also be testing directly with 2 users to see if we can replicate it.
  2. We're in touch with Evernote support. However they couldn't help so far and have no idea what is happening. So I was wondering if others have experienced similar issues.
  3. Hi there, we're experiencing a major and very scary issue with Evernote regarding attachments in shared notebooks. Attachments suddenly go missing from the notes. Scenario: - 3 Users (all Premium Accounts) - User A shares several notebooks (read+write) to users C + B. - All users on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 and latest Evernote version (as of today 7.3.1 (456985 Direkt)) Use Case: We use Evernote to store and share scanned receipts and documents with each other. Mainly PDFs and JPEGs. There are many notebooks to categorise receipts Issue: Attachments inside notes go missing. They simply disappear from the note. A note that first looked like this: https://cl.ly/1W373u0Y2P36 Suddenly goes empty: https://cl.ly/3q3m1R1W130V When checking the note in the web client it looks like this: https://cl.ly/2f0R1Z193l09 You can see that there was supposed an attachments but it is not accessible anymore (Webclient just saying UNKNOWN where previously was a PDF). You can see attached a screenshot how the attachment looks like in the web client. Evernote thinks the attachment is there but when clicking on it we just come to an error page saying: Scarily this issues happened to ALL notes within one notebook (113 attachments gone). It also happens sporadically to individual notes in other notebooks. We have tested some things and it seems that when Users B or C makes changes to notes or move around notes within notebooks that the syncing to the Evernote cloud suddenly results in data loss. It never happens when User A (owner/creator of the notebooks) makes modifications. Strangely the notes where the attachments went missing don't show any recent "change". The creation and last updated dates are way in the past. So the attachment goes missing without the system even realising any change. There is also nothing shown in the note history! I can confirm that all notes incl. attachments had been previously successfully synced to Evernote as they were accessible in the web interface by User A. How can prevent this from happening? How can we get our data back? Is anyone else experiencing similar issues? Thanks for your help!
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