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  1. That's REALLY weird. I do use the Samsung keyboard! But I have the same issues. I've tried changing keyboards, but it didn't work for me. ?
  2. Hi Gazumped I've tried uninstalling and installing evernote twice on this device and no luck. It still puts the full stop after I double tap space but deletes the space afterwards. Predictive text still doesn't work properly either I've checked my input settings via settings on the phone and nothing has changed. I don't have this issue in any other application so it's specific to Evernote. ?
  3. I'm running android 6.0.1 on a Samsung A5 with evernote v 8.2 Today, while minding my own business and trying to get on with some work, the automatic punctuation decided to stop working. Double tapping space bar still gives a full stop/period however it doesn't automatically enter a space after that, nor is the next word capitalised. Entering a word via predictive text ends up with something like this: couco - I typed cou and pressed could. I ended up with couco. Very helpful. I've uninstalled and reinstalled evernote. I changed the keyboard from Samsung default to Gboard. Cha
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