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  1. I have found what I was doing wrong. I have been using 'Saved Search' on a search with just one tag in my shortcuts and everytime I would bring it up I would have to re-sort it by tags. And when I would do that, it would upset the sort order of all of the folders. So, then I had to re-sort them every time too. However, if I drag the tag directly into my shortcuts, it keeps my sort order persistent. You can see what I mean in the attached image. The magnifying glass one does not save sort order and everything gets messed up. The tag one saves sort order and everything stays
  2. Thanks for responding! Yes. My priority tags all start with numbers and sorting by the tag column works great, but every time I bring up a folder or a saved search, I have to click the tags header three times to have it sorted by the tags... that's the problem. I'm asking for it to be persistent, like the other sort orders. Thanks again.
  3. When saving a search, you can save sort order by various things like create date, relevance, size, source url, etc. These sort orders are persistent so when I bring up the search again, it is sorted by the column I select. Please add "By Tags" to this list. For all of the GTD people, sorting by tag is huge. Thank you!
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