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  1. Add this to the list of annoyances for the "new and improved" Evernote. All PDF documents automatically get displayed in a collapsed, single page mode that requires me to click on arrows at the bottom of the PDF to navigate through the pages. I can't find a global setting to change this behavior back to the standard mode, so I have to right-click and select "All Pages" on every single note. Also, and I don't know if it related to the above, the legacy version used to highlight the search term in the PDF document so that it was easy to spot. The new version does not seem to show that.
  2. This still doesn't fix the problem for me. If I try to export an individual local notebook, I get the error indicating the export failed. If I try to export all local notebooks, it says "Export Complete" but the export folder is empty. 🙁
  3. Just updated to 10.2.4 for Mac and was forced to export my local notebooks. Same problem as all others. Also, the help page is wrong. It says: On the Mac, the tool is under the Tools menu, not the Help menu.
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