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  1. Hi guys I use Evernotes mobile app primarily. I recently ran into this little issue that is really puzzling. I scanned a few docs into my notes. Legal docs. Then I opened the note and hit "save attachment" Then I wanted to upload them to a firm's secure message web page. However, when I looked through my phones file directory, the file was nowhere I could find. I tried downloading the file like three more times from evernote, and apparently it is going somewhere in the phone because the toast message that pops up repeats the name of the file followed by the (1), (2), etc. I tried sweeping searches in the phone and can't find it. Kinda makes me furious, but that's not your problem obviously. Just can't wrap my head around this. Can someone point out if this is an issue or if I'm missing something? Thanks guys, Samsung S8 Oreo.
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