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  1. I will add a voice to this... While I have not tracked exactly how long ago, for a while now, there is a disconnect with where the text carrot is placed, and where type is placed. It appears to happen when focus is switched from Evernote to another Windows app, then back to Evernote. No matter where the mouse is clicked and the text carrot placed (blinking, waiting for input), when typing begins, the carrot disappears and no text is typed (anywhere). This is so very frustrating, I have started to make notes in Notepad and copy them in to Evernote, just to allow for the greater ease and flow of switching, typing, copying and pasting. Oh, since I mentioned copying and pasting... The same thing holds true- Select some text to copy- Use Keyboard commands to copy or paste, nothing happens. Right clicking seems to work, but, life is too short for that... Even switching away from this form and typing in Evernote results in the same problem, but switching back to this WYSIWYG editor in the browser is 100% normal for type, copy and paste. What is the best method of adding my voice to the chorus that is frustrated with this bug? Thank you!
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