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  1. I am using Evernote for historical research. The materials I am writing about have dates of their own, that are unrelated to the date that I create or update my notes. To keep the historical timeline in order, it would be helpful to have a special user-created (and always user-revisable) date tag that the notes could then be sorted by. For example: In January 2017 I add a note about the Civil War. In April 2017, I add a note about the Revolutionary War. In September 2017, I add a note about WW2. I then update the Revolutionary War note December 2017. If I sort by date created, the notes would be listed as Civil War, Revolutionary War, WW2. If I sort by date updated, the notes would be listed as Civil War, WW2, Revolutionary War. I would like a sortable date tag that lets me tag the Civil War as 1863, the Revolutionary War as 1776, and WW2 as 1939. Then I could sort on this tag to get the list in the chronological order, Revolutionary War (1776), Civil War (1863), WW2 (1939).
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