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  1. I don't convert the document. I simply copy-paste from Word back into Evernote (in the note section). And I don't embed the Word file as an attachement because I prefer directly to work on the text inside the note. I don't like attachements too much!
  2. This would really improve the use of Evernote. For the moment I use MO Word where I copy-paste my text and use the "Sort" option built in MO Word. Then I create a new note in Evernote where I paste the text from MO Word which is now alphabetically sorted. And then I need to use "Simplify Formatting" to put the font back to its Evernote default font, because MO Word uses by default on my Mac Times New Roman. I can of course change that, but it would be much easier if we had a simple "Sort" icon in the Evernote Toolbar with the option "Ascending" and "Descending".
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