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  1. Thanks for the reply, @DTLow I will contact to the team via twitter. I did try delete and reinstall it, but it kept happening. ( didn't use app cleaner though. )
  2. @gazumped Thanks for reply, I cannot send this directly to the team, You can report a bug only if you are paid user. So I have no choice.
  3. I wouldn't attach my activity log here but, my evernote app for mac crashes whenever i open it up. 100% Doesn't happen on web version. What i did - I typed some text on the menu bar pop up window evernote. I rarely use the app but I use the menu bar window a lot. - I guess the text was there since last month? - I accidently save it using CMD + Enter - The internet connection was unstable. - I try to find the note on the evernote, so i open up the app - it seems it is working fine, Bus as soon as i click a note left, it CRASHES. every time since then. - The note that i was working on the menu bar window is gone, not saved. Like i said, I have activity log, so please contact me through email so I can fix this, and you can prevent this thing to happen to paid user... sounds fair enough?
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