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  1. Thank you -- Yes, I understand that I created the duplicate one by logging into another device. but the original one was corrupted before ever logging into the other device --then when the other one came up on the other device it was an old version and saved it It would appear that the bug happened on the android device that somehow corrupted the file -- and apparently no way to get anything back?
  2. Never had the problem before on my phone with the free version -- a note became corrupted (giberish characters instead of note). I went and logged in on the desktop PC version and saw the note partly readable and changed the title -- however it was very old data (missing all of my new notes). It then showed up on my android as conflicted note copy -- so now I have the corrupted version and the new conflicted version that is actually a note from months ago :-/. It won't let me see the history because it's the free version. Obviously a bug of some sort caused this, but I can't find any way to get to the correct info and no support help to recover it? Any helps? If free version is not reliable, is my only recourse to post a negative rating on the app store? Thanks for any thoughts.
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