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  1. I am using windows desktop and have not bought a scanner. I have a brother scanner/printer, but that would be slow. I am in the middle of an IRS audit and am seeing that I am missing business deductions because of lack of documentation. My primary goal for EN is tax related, but I can see that an easy lookup for a purchase (air filter)... EN could make life easier. Should I be looking at other scanners? Some claim integration with EN. Will they work as well as scansnap?
  2. Thanks you both. I am trying to make sense of several boxes of random business receipts. I am wondering if a ScanSnap scanner and ocr would help or if I should just go through each box and hand sort.
  3. I am a newbie. If (today) I scan in a lot of varied receipts from 2 or 3 years, is there any way to search on the actual transaction dates printed on the receipts? Said another way, could I scan in a few hundred receipts from many months and then search for July 2017 so that I could name those receipt notes with a 201707 name?
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