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  1. I hereby dub you Saint Rezecib. I Just now revoked ifttt.com Access! Thank you, my friend! Jay
  2. I'm gratified you took the time to respond. I'll check that out. I think it unlikely I chose the Business option. I think I chose the deluxe plan, but for the individual use. I don't use the share function. But, I'll certainly check it out. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness. By the way, I just checked my settings and I have the Premium Plan for 69.99 a year. I've decided to live with the problem for the remainder of my membership. Jay
  3. I am a simple person, with a simple mind. Okay, I am simpleminded. But I have a problem that is so annoying to me that I'm about ready to chuck an otherwise beautiful system. For some reason, I started getting "Productivity Planners" loaded to my Evernote account several times a day. I tried deleting them as they occurred, but I can't keep up with them. I didn't get Evernote to share with anyone. Very unsophisticated, my needs. I use it only for my writing research. I would love it if someone could give me a specific directive? Thank you, so much! Jay Squires
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