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  1. The 'back' chevron top left clashes with the signal strength and carrier ID icons. The other add person and add tags icons also overlay the reserved area at the top the phone display. The three dots are too close to the battery indicator. I would appreciate it if the reminder icon was shown separately alongside the tag icon, rather than being inside the menu. In fact overall, you could do with making these layouts user configurable, as you will never please everyone with any single layout. I never share notes with anyone.
  2. Thanks. That works OK on iOS and also mac web version. Previously, the reminderTime:* was not required - I presume it was inferred. There is something subtly different about the way this search syntax has been implemented, or maybe the life cycle of reminders?: absent -> present -> dated -> completed.
  3. The intended target is there is a reminder with date is no later than today NO reminder done time The plus 1 is to make today’s show up, else you only get up to yesterday because it is a negation of Today. So this normally finds notes which are due today or due on previous days and not completed.
  4. And on the Safari web version, the same search returns 6,401 notes (ie all the them). Seems to be seriously broken.
  5. -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime:* works OK on desktop mac app (v 7.14) and used to work OK on my iOS version (iPhone). It should return 28 results but on the iPhone with v 10.0.2 it is returning 128.
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