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  1. I have to add something 'cause I'm super geeking out here. After downloading the app, I found I can send selected text/images from Scrivener to Evernote! I'm still not wild that the app saves everything on my Mac's HD but hey! The ease of crossing applications is a pretty sweet feature! I really think this might make my life easier. I'm a "mature" student, as well as a freelance designer/artist so I need all the help I can get keeping things organized. Now I just have to decide if I can wait until September before paying for premium when I'll really need it. Thanks again for your help!
  2. Good point! Thanks I'll do just that!
  3. Thanks again, Gazumped! Yes, unfortunately, Mac doesn't have the option to selectively sync. The person on the other thread I started before suggested the same as you; open a secondary account and share from my main account. I was unable to see how to do this though! Maybe I'm not searching the right phrasing? Right now I have two free accounts as I'm testing what setup would work the best. Do you need Premium in order to share notebooks with another account? Do they sync? Cheers Ah geez... I just found this, which might be what you mean! https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314748-Share-notebooks
  4. Thanks Gazumped! Sorry, I probably wasn't clear enough. I'm actually looking for an app that works WITH Evernote. Alternote works with Evernote like the Mac App does but without storing notes locally. Yeah, I've spent the last couple days searching without any results. I do REALLY like Evernote, just not the space it could potentially eat up on my iMac! On another "note", Scrivener does allow one to save it's files anywhere. It's also a great app but is a different beast and is more designed for writing. Evernote is more flexible. I look forward to seeing the upgraded version! Cheers!
  5. Hi All! I'm curious if there's an alternative app that works like Alternote in that it will not store notes/database on my iMac like the Mac App does. I posted earlier in the web-client section and found some really great advice (thank you so much!); I thought I had it all sorted out by using Alternote only on my iMac (which is used primarily for Adobe heavy projects) and using the Mac App on my MacBook then backing up with cloudHQ to my Dropbox. Seemed great until I found out Alternote is no longer being developed after I started getting repeated notes -so it's a no go. Such a shame because it was very pleasant to use and so handy!. Of course there is the option of using the web-client although it's not the handiest method in the world when you want to get something down quickly. Thanks for any feedback! This forum is one of the nicest I've come across!
  6. Breid


    Yikes, mine will too. I'm also back in school and would probably use it for my classes as well as project planning. CloudHQ looks interesting; can you get by with the free version? I just hoped Evernote could do it all. Maybe I'll go back to Scrivener if this starts to get too complicated.
  7. Breid


    I just had a complete *duh* moment. On a Mac you can save a .pdf from your browser or app with command-p (print) then save a .pdf file from the dropdown menu. Of course this would be much, MUCH better if you could do this with notebooks.
  8. Breid


    Interesting idea Jefito! I'll have to wrap my head around how one might share notebooks between two accounts. Do you mean just upload to both accounts or import the enex? I have two free accounts now, as I'm trying to see if Evernote could possible work for me. Perhaps the slave account could exist on my laptop which isn't used as much for Adobe CC. I just would hate to turn it into a really expensive Evernote storage device! I'm also testing with Alternote which is nicer to use than the web client browser on my iMac (the machine I use the most) and it works a bit like the Mac app. Maybe between this and a slave account on my macbook I can possible make it work. Once a notebook project is complete, is it possible to download a pdf of it from the Mac app? This would further cut down on space possible being eaten up. *Edit* doesn't look like you can save to .pdf, only .enex
  9. Breid


    Thank you for your replies and both sound like a reasonable workaround. I'll ask check out cloudHQ. It's really is a shame we can't choose where our files are stored but it doesn't sound like this will ever be an option judging how long people have been asking for this. I was hoping to keep this as simple as possible seeing as the whole reason why I want to use Evernote is to simplify my life! Cheers
  10. Breid


    Hello, I've used Evernote for years but recently realized how perfect it would be for projects other than saving recipes and so I'm considering purchasing premium EXCEPT I've run into issues. For instance, if I use the Mac app, it'll store everything locally without giving me an option of using an external drive instead. My HD is on the small size and used only for apps and not for storage. So then I thought I could use the web client. Seems fine but it looks like there's no way to back up, download or save your notes through the web-client. Have I missed something? Thank you for your time, Bonni
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