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  1. When you double click with the LEFT button on notebook in the a shortcut´ area, nothing happens... When you double click with the RIGHT button on a notebook in the shortcut´s notebook, ONLY FOUR OPTIONS options appears. Isn't it a lost opportunity to make software easier to use? Don´t you think a user may try click on the notebooks in the shortcut area wanting something to happen? If so, isn´t it a lost of space and intuitive resources to add more options there? I love evernote and trying to make it better. Developers, please include option to rename notebooks from
  2. Thanks Guys, I meant notebook.On the shortcurts area on the left on Mac book app I can´t rename or add sub notebooks.I believe adding this functionality would have no damage at all to any other functionality of evernote. It Would not attempt against evernote in any way., it would only makes evernote greater.If we are taking on an app which is designed to make us more productive , so having options on the short cute area makes sense at all right?I see no reason to leave shortcut area where I work most of the time and have to go to the notebook area - which makes me lose time - in order to make
  3. Hey Guys, I would like to be able to Right-CLick on a Folder on the shortcut area and see the option to - Rename the Folder - Create a Sub-Folder Could you include this in the next upgrade? Regards, Lucas
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