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  1. I have had major issues connecting to evernote server after logging out on windows 10. It will come up with can't connect to server or couldn't connect to server. I tried all the usual things and all those suggested by evernote with no luck. Then I worked out the following that worked for me. I hope this might help some poor sole that has tried everything else. if Evernote can't connect to server - Possible solution if others don't work go to Internet explorer then settings, then internet options then advanced, scroll down and turn off ssl 3, enable tsl 1 and disable tsl 2 and tsl 3 if this doesn't work try enabling tsl 2 etc etc until it works evernote does not support SSL 3 apparently but even with all the TSL's on it sometimes still does not work so disabling some or the lot and applying it then turning just one on seems to make it work straight away. Wasted a whole day trying to get this to work and its very frustrating should sent evernote a bill for wasting my time.
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