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  1. Hence the reason I used the word *feels*
  2. I have to stop returning to this specific 'Text Collapse [Outlining]' string. I check back in every 6 months or so; and it is one of the most disheartening issues with this software. Because of how much I rely on evernote... I feel like I'm almost being held hostage (its just not that simple for me to move to a competitor); and to be honest, I'm likely most infuriated by what seems to be an acute disregard for communication/dialogue from Evernote on this topic. Maybe we'll see this feature addressed by 2025.
  3. Seriously... how is this not a feature yet? Is Evernote even working on it? Is it even on the roadmap? I get that we have to "Pick our apps to fit our needs"; but some of us are hoping to stick and grow with Evernote. This is clearly a feature many longtime Evernote users have been asking for; but what we get is crickets...
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