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  1. RESOLUTION: (at least one of many) my company pushes Evernote via a central distribution server and so Evernote gets reinstalled quite often on my system... without me even knowing about it. Every time there's an update (reinstall) the wonderful Adobe icon takes over for the Evernote icon like so many have reported. My routine is now as follows: 1. Right mouse click on the offending icon (the "Adobe" icon which still says "Evernote" ) in the START Menu -> select MORE -> OPEN FILE LOCATION In my case, this goes to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Evernote . You should see ugly icon there. 2. ** DELETE ** the old Evernote shortcut there (the Adobe icon)... not sure if it's Evernote or some "feature" of Win10 that the shortcut doesn't get de-registered by uninstall/reinstall. but it is one of those nagging annoyances which repeats itself every time. 3. I create a new Shortcut in the Evernote directory ( C:\Program Files (x86)\evernote\Evernote -> Right Mouse click on Evernote.EXE and Create Shortcut) 4. Drag this new shortcut over to the directory you opened in 1. voila ( ? ) . YMMV.
  2. 6.75 worked for me... immediately asked to update to 6.11 :) Hopefully there will be some general announcement of "all clear" to upgrade again... of course, I don't use a lot of what latest versions of Evernote offer...
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