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  1. Hello, I posted this problem first in the Integrations forum, but have had 0 replies. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/113956-authorization-problems-with-airstory/ I am unable to get a third-party app authorization to stick. See attached pic (this is only a partial list). One of the things holding me back from considering purchasing is this really annoying issue. Almost every single time I connect through Airstory, I have to reauthorize (again for a year). As clearly shown in my application history, it has been authorized incessantly. and none of these authorizati
  2. Hello, Let me first say that I am using the free version of Evernote (and Airstory is free also). I am wondering if my problem stems from this (free version). So, the problem is this: I have authorized Evernote to connect with Airstory multiple times now, and I am always re-asked to authorize each time I try to use Evernote integration. On the screen where it asks me to re-authorize, the screen itself even says that I have already authorized ?. Any idea how to get this authorization to stick? One thing of note is that I use Chrome at work, and Firefox
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