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  1. Hello, I posted this problem first in the Integrations forum, but have had 0 replies. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/113956-authorization-problems-with-airstory/ I am unable to get a third-party app authorization to stick. See attached pic (this is only a partial list). One of the things holding me back from considering purchasing is this really annoying issue. Almost every single time I connect through Airstory, I have to reauthorize (again for a year). As clearly shown in my application history, it has been authorized incessantly. and none of these authorizations are even close to expiring. What could be the problem. I have tried multiple different things: Clean web browsers with no other extensions The same web browser on all sessions On Chrome and Firefox (in all ways) Not clearing browser cache or cookies Clearing browser cache and cookies Any ideas? I have been over this problem from A to Z with Airstory support and they can't pinpoint any issues on their end. So, I am wondering if it's on Evernote's side.
  2. Hello, Let me first say that I am using the free version of Evernote (and Airstory is free also). I am wondering if my problem stems from this (free version). So, the problem is this: I have authorized Evernote to connect with Airstory multiple times now, and I am always re-asked to authorize each time I try to use Evernote integration. On the screen where it asks me to re-authorize, the screen itself even says that I have already authorized ?. Any idea how to get this authorization to stick? One thing of note is that I use Chrome at work, and Firefox on my laptop. Is it possible that it is counting the instances as different devices and bumping one each time I connect with the other? Thanks!
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