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  1. I found a fix to my issue in the forum: 1. If Evernote is running, press **Command + Q** to quit the Evernote application2. Download App Cleaner from http://www.freemacsoft.net/appcleaner/. Once downloaded, proceed to open App Cleaner. 3. Open the Applications folder and drag Evernote to the App Cleaner window.5. In App Cleaner, select delete after it brings up all Evernote related files.4. Right-click (or **Ctrl + Click**) on the Trash and select **Empty Trash**6. Reboot your computer7. Download and install Evernote for Mac from www.evernote.com/download8. Drag the Evernote icon into yo
  2. Evernote crashes after a migration to a new Mac. The crash occurs right after it is launched. I can see my notes for a second, then it crashes. I have tried deleting the app, rebooting and re-install but there is no change. Even after the re-install I see my old notes. Is there a way to completely remove Evernote and re-install clean? Mac OS 10.13.4 Crash info below. Also, I have de-authorized my old mac. Incident Identifier: F045703B-2A37-49AF-8B78-CDEE3DC98E77 CrashReporter Key: 826E7062-BF3C-51A1-9DAC-63FFDE02E691 Hardware Model: MacBookPro14,3 Process:
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