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  1. is it? whats going on? why are these basic functions not working?? how can this be going on for so long its mind boggling
  2. when I use auto title in the past, it just allowed me to write the note and then the title would be auto created from the first sentance of the note, sok i don't need to write a separate note title, I can just start writing notes as I've always don't not having to create a title, so, autotitling... but I don't want the calendar or location to interrupt this with Note from dentist or Note from Milan, i just want it to always create an introduction of the note as the title.....
  3. I want my notes to be auto titled with the preview of the note... but not of a calendar event or the location... but why I can't turn this off??? I used to be able. to. block the calendar event and still have autotitle but now it seems I can't and it's driving me insane :'0 is there something I am missing? what is everyone else doing?
  4. Why on earth isn't there the option of making our notes with auto title.... without it being interrupted with Calendar events or Location...??!!!! like just auto title, so it's a little preview of the note as it mostly does, unless you have a calender event which then ruins the note title and there doesn't seem to be a way to turn this off, otherwise the notes are all Untitled Notes..... can't there just be AUTO TITLE without calender or location in the title? I am. glad to have the gps as part of the note but not the note saying 'Note from....' every time!!!! maybe this is already a discussion, but it hasn't been resolved, I really can't understand how people manage to put up with this? is there another trick to having just a regular auto title function???? and why isn't it more simple to activate
  5. I agree, honestly I really can't believe this has been going on so long who wants to see Untitled note for ever note, it's ridiculous and why now on the cell version is seems only possible to have auto title if you connect it to calendar or GPS.. i want an option that simply allows auto title from the note not being interrupted with a calendar event or always where it was taken!!!!!! and if I turn off calendar or gps then it's again the frustrating Untitled note problem again what on earth is going on?!?! can anyone please explain why there isn't just a normal auto title option????!?
  6. Hello I am writing about the probems i have with evernote and auto titling I absolutely use auto titling with every note, i dont want to specifically write a separate note title each time I like to write a note and after it takes the first part of the note and makes it the title / introduction to the note... however ... in Mac. app there doesnt seem to be any auto title...!!! every note is always Untitled NOTE !!!!!! unless i must go and write specifically a new title for each note , this is terrible then in android, it does make the auto title thank goodness... but if there is a calendar event , the auto title wont work , it will put a title like - Note from groceries or something Unwanted ......... or with gps, it will but always note from Milan every time........ what the hell is this ? why not just the basic option of ..... Auto title note ..... without the need for GPS or Calendar...??!!??!?!!! its INSANITY am i the only one that realises this ?? how could it be so ?
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