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  1. I sent a message to support about an improvement that I doubt is unique to me, and they asked me to post it here in the forum. For those more involved, please feel free to link this post (if possible) to relevant existing posts. Hi, I love Evernote and have been using it since shortly after its birth. I greatly appreciated the introduction of Stacks, as this is, for better or worse, is how my brain works. However, since its inception, Stacks has been clunky: to create a group of Notebooks, one must first create at least two Notebooks that will create a stack, then drag them together. Then let's say you have other notes you want to separate into Notebooks - you have to create another Notebook then drag that Notebook into the Stack, constantly switching between "View Notebooks" and "Notebooks".... Ideally we should be able to right click and create a stack, and also be able to move a Note to a Notebook/Stack without so many steps. Hopefully this is or will be in the cards. Many thanks.
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