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  1. I really wish this were the case. There any many issues I'm having, but the main one is the selected text being deselected when I press the ctrl key for a copy/paste. This is something I do 50+ times per day so it's driving me crazy, crazy enough to consider moving everything to Onenote, even though that would be a lot of work.
  2. My problem is sometimes I have to click 4 keys and click 3 times before I am allowed to copy something in a note. So frustrating because I do this at least 50 times per day. Someone posted this on another thread. It's only been 10 minutes, but I have not had to click on note 3 times, tap ctrl and then attempt to copy something to paste elsewhere. I also pressed F11 twice, to hide notes then show again. Text from the other thread: Ahh, just found the issue related to the problem of "click New Note and start typing, typing goes no where". This occurs if you have never set the option: NOTE - SET NEW NOTE FOCUS ON TITLE. If you turn the option on, then turn it off again. Focus works correctly when clicking New Note.
  3. Yes I did see that, but my issues are on Windows 7 and 8.1. I will be keeping tabs on that other thread though.
  4. I've been using Evernote since 2011, and these focus issues are a real problem. It's an annoyance that occurs every 10-15 minutes. Having to copypaste twice, or thinking you've copied, and then paste the wrong details. This has happened to me 1000+ times, on multiple accounts, on multiple machines this year. Honestly, this is enough to stop me renewing my premium.
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