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  1. Yes, I agree, they should set their price point. The point is, their price point is ludicrous. There is no planet on which its justified to ask for over $80 a year for Notepad+++. I have just exported my 12 text documents with 300kb of images attached. I'm sure Evernote devs are rolling in it now... little finger to the edge of their mouths, 2 billion dollars... Well, if you can find enough suckers to pony up over $80 dollars a year, good luck. I'll just edit these text files with notepad++, at least they only ask for the money once. Another lost advocate.
  2. Through lack of any other feedback mechanism to voice my opinion. I really like evernote, although I've only been using it for about 4 months. It has lots of issues, but it felt I should persevere, mainly because its not microsoft, or google or any other sellout thats going to sell my account information or take ownership of my content. But someone is obviously wanting to cash in their chips, because my 5MB of text documents are too much to store without asking for a ludicrous amount of money to access via a web page and app api. I'm not using this for collaboration in a company, its not a productivity tool that means I'm more efficient so I can make squillions of dollars, its just a notepad+++, I'm just putting my how-tos in it so I can add to it when I get home. If it was AU$5 a year, I'd consider it, I'd probably even buy the sub, mainly to support evernote, but US$40 on special! really, you want $80 a year minimum? Dreaming. So I'll tolerate the badgering banner that pops up at the top of the screen every time I refresh the page, only as so long as I haven't copy/pasted into RTFs. Shame.
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