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  1. Thanks. There is definitely a reminder set on the note and we're definitely seeing the same note and notebook. Tried via the web browser as you suggested but the notebook still doesn't appear in the list. All devices on the latest versions...
  2. Thanks, Eduardo. I followed those steps on my phone (the instructions are only for the desktop versions, so I wanted to try it out on the iOS app). I figured out how to do it on my phone. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to work on Mum's phone. The list of notebooks simply doesn't even appear on her phone, despite the shared notebook appearing on my own phone. I also tried to do this on her iPad and via the web browser. In all cases, the shared notebook wasn't listed in her account.
  3. Hi Eduardo, Thanks for that suggestion. I tried it and it certainly works better than what I was doing. Unfortunately, though, the reminder that I set on the note has also applied to my mother's account, so she gets a reminder as well. Is it possible to make it so that the reminder only applies to my account? Or would I have to just create a copy of the note and set the reminder on that? (the downside of doing that, though, would be any changes Mum makes to the shared note of course won't be applied to the copy I create to set a reminder...). Thanks for your suggestion -
  4. I got my mum set up with an Evernote account the other day. She has created a shopping list note for me to buy stuff when I'm coming home from uni. She shared the note with me via Work Chat. I need to set a reminder on the note so I remember to go shopping when I finish uni, but Evernote doesn't allow me to, because it's a shared note. (I have full edit permissions on the shared note). Also, it'd be handy if the shared note actually appeared in my list of all notes, rather than having to find it in the Work Chat system. (This is implemented in the iOS version, but not in
  5. Agreed, the shared note should appear in the user's normal list of "all notes". I actually just registered an account on this forum so I could upvote this. I need this so that I can set a reminder for the shared note, that only applies to myself. (I don't want the note creator to get the reminder that I set for myself)
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