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  1. I just want to be clear, I am not annoyed by the behavior of windows highlighting the single space between my word and the next. I am annoyed that it highlights as many spaces as there are till the next char. #define MY_DEFINE <somevalue> I want to double click MY_DEFINE and just highlight that... In this forum on Chrome, it also selects all the spaces to the '<' char. VERY annoying. As stated earlier Visual Studio treats this as expected. I store notable code fragments in Evernote. -J PS I appreciate the effort to find solutions, but I hate using super custom things because I use so many different computers. I don't even have a an MS mouse, so I don't have the above customization package.
  2. I appreciate the help, but if you saw what i was doing you would see it was painful. -J
  3. Sounds like we need a checkbox. Windows is not overriding... someone did not dot an 'i' or cross a 't' somewhere. -J
  4. If you double a click a word in evernote, I expect it to get highlighted for selection. Currently the behavior includes all the whitespace after a word in the selection. This is very inconvenient.
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