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  1. same here, win 10, chrome 87 and 88. that's really annoying. 🤧 when will that be fixed?
  2. hi, i enjoying using Evernote for years, and i am wondering if Evernote can launch an electronic notebook device which perfectly work with any other Evernote platforms. recently, i have seen there are some excellent similar product, i.e., reMarkable...etc. would you guys please consider this project?
  3. Hi All My screenshot can not be pasted on Evernote WEB version, but it can be pasted on any other WEB, EX: Gmail. Please advise how to fix this. Thanks!!
  4. Hi all 我的截圖不能貼在Evernote網頁版上,但是同個截圖可以貼在任何一個網頁可以編輯的地方,像是Gmail. 請問該如何解決? 謝謝!!
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