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  1. Thanks @Shane D.! I missed the part in the other post about DM, or maybe as a support person myself I wasn't willing to subvert Proper Channels so I willfully overlooked it. But I'm on track now.
  2. Okay, I see another link to "Obtaining Developer Tokens" but that just leads to opening a support ticket, which is the same as SupportLogin and still doesn't show me any way to actually open a ticket after I choose three categorical descriptions of the ticket I'd like to open. Just a proposal that I upgrade.
  3. I mean, the top of this page is a menu, but if you mean https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action, that's what I did. I used that link to request a developer token, but it wouldn't let me enter anything. It told me I needed to upgrade, per screenshot above. Evernote Support What can we help you with?Technical Issues- My Account Billing and Payments Technical Issues Feedback and Communication How to use Evernote Evernote Business App Store Reviews Select a topicOther Tell us more.Report an issue with an integration
  4. I can't request a developer token: Do I need to upgrade to a paid account to link a client application?
  5. This is an old topic, but considering the lack of other useful information out there it might be helpful to someone yet. I just converted some notes from Keep to Evernote. The rough procedure was: use Google Takeout to get a zipfile of all notes. You get a folder full of html files, one per note. The filenames roughly correspond to note titles, but they don't matter. export some similar notes from Evernote desktop to get sample .enex files (evernote xml export) write python code: write an XML prologue parse an HTML file, extracting note title, timestam
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