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  1. Dan, can you tell me what the name of the new product you have found is as well please. I have used Evernote for 3 years as a paying client for three years but I'm looking for a new product now. I've been mildly frustrated by the 200 notebook limit which has required setting up (and paying for) new accounts three times so far - which is a real pain because Evernote's most useful function for me is it's clipper in gmail, and means I have to sign in and out to use between the three different accounts. But the recent problems with the clipper - not being able to search emails - and now the pdf issues means I've had enough, and badly want another product. Would love to know what you have found.
  2. They haven't fixed it - the option to search is now available again but it doesn't work at all - for example I have a number of folders entitled chris.... etc. - Evernote search in the clipper isn't picking up ANY of them
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