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  1. I just updated to version 10.10.5 for Mac. It is still missing several features that I rely heavily on. Some of them include: I don't see how I can update an Excel document within a note. In Legacy, I just use Quick Look, then Open in Excel. Once I've made and saved my updates in Excel, they are automatically saved back into the Evernote note. Now, I have to download the Excel document, but it ends up as a free-standing file in my computer--not linked back to the Evernote note. I suppose could save it back to the note, but that is much less convenient than the Legacy approach. The "simplify format" function seems to be missing. This is invaluable when using clipper. A significant number of notes that were formatted under Legacy now appear without that formatting--particularly bulleted lists. Since many of my notes contain such lists, this is another serious inconvenience. Any insights you can provide would be appreciated. Meanwhile, I will stick with the Legacy version.
  2. I'm experiencing formatting issues with Webclipper using Chrome and Mac 7.1 (an issue that has probably been noted already). When clipping a simplified article I end up with a fixed line length (does not re-adjust when I resize windows) and severe limitations on subsequent editing of the note. For example, the font size of the title (within the note, not the title of the note) is exceedingly large, but I am unable to reduce it. If I cut the title altogether, any subsequent text entered at the start of the note reverts back to the original title font, size and format. Will you restore the functionality of previous versions? Thanks
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