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  1. I use note links also to funnel information/priorities from several notes to a collection note to manage the priorities. I have links on the notes going to the collection note and I have links on the collection note going to the individual notes. But I disagree that using note links is the best solution to deal with the 250 notebook limit. The best solution at this point is increasing the maximum notebook limit to at least 500 if not more (preferably 5,000 to make a non-issue). And to add warnings/reminders at reasonable points regarding Evernote’s maximum limits.
  2. 'you just ran out' Thanks for the chuckle. I think I actually had to contact support when I couldn't add another notebook in conjunction with my separation lines not showing up on the desktop app.
  3. For those who can live with less than 250 notebooks, it's perfectly usable. For those like me who are needing more than 250 notebooks at this point, Evernote is less than perfectly usable. If the 250 maximum notebook limit is arbitrarily set by Evernote when it was increased from the also presumably arbitrary limit of 100 notebooks, then Evernote can arbitrarily increase it again. I don't see anyone arguing that that Evernote isn't usable with the 250 notebook limit. I do see people requesting that Evernote's usability be enhanced by increasing the notebook limit. My other recommendation in the mean time to help users still under 250 notebook limit is to set a flag or warning or message at some arbitrary point when a user has created a certain number of notebooks, perhaps at 125 notebooks and again at 200 notebooks. People have pointed out that the limits are published and available. But either I didn't read that part or glossed over it during my learning curve. I placed a lot of thought in how I arranged and structured my information. A reminder of the limit would have been helpful so that I could have adjusted my information map a lot earlier on to account for the limit than having to deal with the limit at a time when I need to create my 251st notebook. And I'm not going to start a new thread/request on this idea. I'll let an Evernote employee do it if they want to; I'm busy trying to deal with the 250 notebook limit.
  4. For those arguing against increasing the maximum notebook count and using some other work around like tags or a second albeit free account, I don't understand why you would argue against it. No one's going to force you to stop using tags or creating a second account or to start having more than 250 notebooks. People have different ways to think and organize their thoughts/information and how they wish to see it displayed in an app such as Evernote. I'm not one who creates notebooks willy nilly. As someone pointed, the maximum notebook count used to be 100 before being bumped up to 250. I supposed some "elite" users at the time were harrumphing and arguing they were able to do everything they needed with just 3 notebooks and offering workarounds to address the 100 maximum notebook count issue. We have some users who are asking for the maximum notebook count to be once again increased. I'll settle for 500 at this point. Unless you're an Evernote employee and the costs to enhance this particular feature will be taken out of your bonus, you have no reason to oppose this request. You can keep your tags. You can keep your multiple Evernote accounts. I just want to have more than 250 notebooks.
  5. 2,500 Notebooks should be a minimum. I suppose Evernote can make it 25,000 and make it a non-issue for just about everyone.
  6. I've been a premium member now for several years. I have resisted moving to OneNote because I'm already familiar with Evernote. I have just bumped against the 250 notebook limit. I am used to Stacks > Notebooks > Notes. I've reviewed my notebooks and I've deleted a few but it's going to take a big reorganization. I would like to put in my voice to increasing the 250 notebook limit. Even Excel broke their 600,000 row limit. Otherwise, I'm going to consider the worth of redoing my Evernote organization versus learning OneNote.
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