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  1. The eavern stopped synchronizing. And it became clear - that it happened after attempts to block Telegram Roskomnadzor (Evernote hooked). Roskomnadzor soon gave access to this application. At work (the provider - MGTS all repaired.) At home - provider OnLaym - it also worked). On the mobile operator MTS - everything works. Megaphone - refuses to restore. They explain in their service the support that it is necessary to contact the technical support of the application. But it is clear - that the problem is on the side of Megaphone. I read on the Internet that after the mass lock the "Inspector" system hung (which tracks blocked IP-addresses). Roskomnadzor notified all the operators by letters that it is necessary to overload the "Inspector". Probably, Megafon did not do this. Or something else ... The problem is not just me. Everyone who uses Evernet on Megaphone, Tele2 ... I use Plus (I pay money), and I am deprived of the right to use an excellent assistant for my work. And this is happening in the banal diligence of the telecoms operator. After all, other operators (changing SIM), everything works. The router also works. The situation is not ordinary.
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