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  1. Notebook selecion above and labels below is anoying too. See all organization categories of a note at the same place is more usefull.
  2. I moved to legacy version because the new version lack some important features to me. App preferences, for example. I need to customize a lot of things, like to insert documents as attachments as default. Evernote is my GTD basement and I cannot make my work more complicated. I'll wait a litte more to upgrade.
  3. Same problem for me. Android 9, EN 8.9, premium account. Not searching anymore. I unistall and reinstall and nothing. Same problem. If you leave serching trying to work for a long time the app crashes. Only on android app. Windows app is working correctly. Account Info ---------------------------------------- UserId: Email: Username: Business Context: false Business Only Account: false Legacy Business Account: false Service: https://www.evernote.com Auto Sync Enabled: true Master Sync Enabled: true Sync Interval: 3600000 Acces
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