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  1. Deal breaker for me too. I was introduced to Evernote recently and I was absolutely amazed by it. I watched a few hours of YouTube videos on its use. I was ready to go paperless. I jumped in and started with something I used to do in my other note taking app. I keep a list of weekly accomplishments at work. This list is a brief outline of accomplished tasks, with sub items with explanations. Unfortunately, it came out like: Task Accomplished How it was accomplished Any problems encountered Other notes. I need 1. Task A. How i. Problems B. Other I just do not believe it has so many other great features that must have been difficult to accomplish, and simple formatted numbering and outlining has never been in the product for years. Sorry guys, I am going back to OneNote for this one basic need. Evernote blows OneNote away in so many ways, but this simple formatting issue is something that I use and rely on every single day, in over 75% of my notes. I am glad I found this before I put out some money on the Premium version.
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