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  1. Never heard of Workflowy, but it seems awesome so far. Thank you very much for that workaround!
  2. Hi, I primarily use Evernote for managing schedules and thus use the list formatting a lot for to-do-lists and similar types. Since the latest update, the indentation has been very unstable. I indent several parts of a list and 5 minutes later, some parts will be very different in terms of indentation again. It's very random and unpredictable when and how the list will behave, which makes it quite a pain to work with. Before the update, it was all good and stable, I have also tried reverting back and using older Windows versions, but those just turned out to be as bad. I guess the internal text structure has changed and been saved to the cloud, so older versions won't help with my problem any more. Hope this gets fixed. Thanks, Jan
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