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  1. Two months and can't reproduce? Either: 1. buy an old system such as a Dell D520 for $80 off of ebay running Win 7, install old versions of Evernote, create some notes, then upgrade. Follow the path that the users take on actual hardware that users use. If you're already doing this, my apologies.But I suspect not given that thousands of users hitting this, or 2. Get in touch with a few users who have experienced the user and do a screenshare with them to see what they're seeing and sniff around for clues OR AT LEAST a brute force patch (for example, that would remove the dang apple font). You don't need to wait until you find someone local. I'm a developer; we deal with this situation occasionally as well, but it doesn't take 2 months to knock down a sev 1.
  2. Same problem here guys! I'm *D* *O* *A*. Just upgraded to (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829) running on Windows 7 Pro. The body portion of my notes is completely UNEDITABLE. Evernote folks, please fix this. This is a crisis!
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