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  1. I had the blue box, too. I thought it was a new feature or something, didn't realize it was a bug. Try picking a long note, and scroll down. I was able to edit once I was past the initial visible window of available text, although had the cursor key warping problem.
  2. I "fixed" this by uninstalling Evernote and rolling back to an earlier version off filehippo.com. Sorry, Evernote techs, I'm super busy this week and I can't help you track down the logs to fix this. It's widespread enough that hopefully you have something to work from. Otherwise, I guess I'm just never upgrading again or looking into alternative cloud notetaking apps.
  3. I'm running into the same exact problem. If I scroll down I can edit parts of the note, but using the arrow keys warps me to the top, and all my fonts are set to -apple-system. This only started happening today, after upgrading. I also have Windows 10 pro, 64 bit. I don't have this problem working with the online web version of Evernote, just the windows client. Is there any way to roll back to the prior version of Evernote?
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