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  1. Gazumped. This is useful information. Thanks for your confirmation that my thinking was ok in resolving the problem. (I sometimes wonder as I am very much an amateur and a very occasional resolver of computing challenges). And thanks for taking the trouble to give the advice about downloading.
  2. Hi, gazumped. Thanks for the reply. I did wonder about the wisdom of sharing logs on this forum, so thanks for that advice. Windows version is windows 10, version 1709, OS build 16299.371, (a 32 bit version) Android version is 4.2.2. running on a Fairphone FP1-U (which comes rooted) I've checked the user details and they are the same At least one of the notes that I couldn't open (on Android) said it was 'shared' which made a little sense of the dialog that appeared when I tapped the padlock (as above). Trouble is, when I checked on windows, I hadn't shared it, and the sett
  3. Hi I'm using basic on two devices: windows and android. I've recently found that I'm unable to access some of my notes on the android app (while I can access the same note without problem on the windows app, and on the web) . Tapping on the note produces a link and some other writing in the background with a big grey box in front of it obscuring most of the background so it cannot be read - the big grey box gives a triangle with an exclamation mark, 'could not load this note' and a retry button that does not work. There is a padlock symbol on the bottom right which if you tap it gives a d
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