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  1. Great, thank you. //Actually I thought the feature is missing, so didn't expect an answer, not that quickly
  2. What's the shortcut to increase the font size of the selected text? (not zoom in/out)
  3. Can't encrypt text with bulleted list, thought with basic text works.
  4. I added screenshot after I changed text bellow "Hobbies" to "small" on my ipad. That made text look right on ipad, but made it larger on mac.
  5. On my mac text is displayed well, on the ipad and android smartphone some text is small, other is bigger. For the bigger one in ios(didn't check in android) "small text" option is anabled. If I enable this text option for the entire text, on mac font increases to 16px instead of normal 14px. Some notes display all text, some have this problem. How to solve this? Ipad screenshot.
  6. That's why people like Elon Musk, Bezos are amazing. They always are improving and working.
  7. Dead community, as one review on the app store stated: great product, but it's stagnated, there will be no improvement. Look at the chinese TickTick app, they improve so quickly, their todo app a long time ago became the best todo app. Evernote CEO just makes senseless stuff, no improvement.
  8. Option to create your own heading styles and add shortcuts to them would be super effective. At least create predefined styles like mac notes app has. This basic feature is needed, the only thing that stops me from completely switching from mac notes app. That and simpler harmonious design, a little better synchronization.
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