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  1. Hello! I still miss more ambitious formatting and structuring options to give larger notes a clearer look. The Evernote editor reminds me in HTML-Editors I've used 20 years ago ... Some examples: There are no paragraph / style templates ... (And if you choose to implement them, please don't forget to make them addressable by hotkeys as well.) Automatic structuring* works on one level only (simple numbering). If you try structuring with numbering and indentions, you end up in a mess. Manual structuring is a drag! The Evernote editor interprets the manual inputs and converts them into - often incorrect - automatic numbering. Disabling the automatic numbering deletes the manually set numbers too .... aaaahhhh!!! The tabs for the automatic indentation of numbering are using positions other than indenting with the tab key!?!? I know that an online editor can't offer such mighty features as e.g. MS-Words - but I've seen much better text-editors on the web so far. Kind regards Conrad *I'm German, I'm not sure if this is the right term. In German it is "Automatische Gliederung". What I mean is automatic formatting, indention and numbering in more then one level, based on the template - something like this: 1. Evernote Asd asd asd asd asd 1.1 Good The good feature are: 1.1.1 Online bla bla 1.1.2 Offline this and that 1.2 Bad Dubidu 1.3 Fair 1.3.1 Search Option ... 2. Other Editor 2.1 ...
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