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  1. Got through. I relaxed the restrictions in System Preferences \ Security ... \ Allow applications downloaded from ... (free translation from French) and that got me to the next step. Evernote had forgotten about me so I had to enter my username and password. But first attempt, I had only the top menu and nothing else, and nowhere to enter username / password. Would all this be related to El Capitan ?
  2. Been using Evernote for several years. Today on my MacBook Pro with OS X 10.11.1 (El Capitan) an upgrade is suggested. I click to download and install the upgrade. When Evernote closes and restarts, a window warns that Evernote is corrupt (endommagé in French), suggest to bin the application. Which makes Evernote disappear from my computer for the first time since quite many years. And of course there isn't the application anymore to upgrade from. I download Evernote for Mac on www.Evernote.com - same thing. Download, open the .dmg, copy to Applications. When launching the application, window announcing that Evernote is being checked. Then window announcing that Evernot is corrupt and if I want to bin it. The current download is Evernote_RELEASE_7.1_456448 . Closed all apps, turned off computer, restarted, same thing. Tried Cancel instead of binning the application, and restarting from Finder. Nothing gives. If somebody has a suggestion ? I would be very obliged ! Robert
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