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  1. I changed the country in settings from USA to Spain yesterday. Maybe that created a problem IDK.
  2. Yesterday it said that I had 74 bytes remaining of upload limit, and that the 1GB upload limit will reset in 1 day. Today it says that I have 74 bytes remaining of upload limit, and that the 1GB upload limit will reset in 31 days.
  3. I changed some notes after going over the upload limit days ago, and also added some others. Now that I'm in the new month, I though the changes done would sync, and the notes would lose the red mark. What can I do so the changes done after going over the upload limit sync? I'm using the Android version on a Samsung tablet BTW.
  4. Instructions on that thread are for mac.
  5. Can the web clipper for windows chrome be downgraded? If so, how?
  6. The only reason I haven't dropped this app is son I don't to bother with changing everything, but I'm starting to get very fed up. If you don't fix this I swear to God I'm declaring war on Evernote and putting everyone I meet against it. Btw I'm sick and tired of UNISTALLING and REINSTALLING the app any time I start the computer. I wish someone got fired over this, but I don't hope so.
  7. Three days waiting for moderation. THREE DAYS.
  8. How to go back to how Evernote worked a month ago?
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