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  1. Well, perhaps indeed not and you can't convert all users' notes to markdown as it won't make all people happy. Especially if part of their notes become unreadable due to some conversion incompatibilities/issues. Only thing that comes to my mind is to define note's format along with each new note... or per user. Some other issues may arise like search engine would have to interpret ENML as well as markdown but this still seems solvable. Perhaps the only or most important reason is that it's too much work/trouble and not much gain in functionality (as they see it). So long story short... markdown utilising customers aren't their target users. They won't tell you to "get lost" of course because it's against their interest. That's why they keep this topic so silent (was there any feedback their side so far?). It's of course most wanted feature but perhaps still a marginal one. A little over 500 votes is nothing concerning their users numbers. So... they're trapped with this feature request as well as we are in hoping they would do it. So I say "migrate"
  2. My wasn't either. Though with time my notes become more verbose and Evernote just don't fit anymore.
  3. I'd say I moved the baby to a fresh new bath and the baby is really enjoying it now :) Also I've tried already two other editors working on Evernote's API - no luck with features I was looking for. Activity on this thread proves that MD support is something that users would certainly appreciate and for me is strange Evernote doesn't want to please us with it. Though I'm software developer myself and I can understand they may have some reasons for it since otherwise they wouldn't ignore it this way. On the other hand if they do ignore us perhaps in it there's a hidden message for us saying "Guys, don't expect it anytime soon if ever". They won't tell us this just because they don't wanna see users leaving their ship. I've seen this pattern already for several other products. A great example is OpenVPN over UDP protocol support in Mikrotik's RouterOS which was promised to be there like eight years ago! Related forum threads are nearly flooded with "+1" posts and what?... nothing! So my decision (as DTLow also suggested) is not to wait for it anymore and leave (is also my advice for you guys). There are good enough alternatives to try. Some support import/export from/to Evernote's ENEX files. Let's vote for this feature in Evernote with "-1" instead of "+1" ;) Kind Regards, Krzysztof Kubanek - A PREMIUM USER -
  4. I’ve recently switched to Bear just because off missing markdown in Evernote. And guess what... it works really well Bear doesn’t have multiple notebooks which I considered to be a big issue. But it happens to be less of a problem than missing markdown in Evernote! So I told Evernote „goodbye” after over 6 years! You guys wait and I use markdown already
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