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  1. Gazumped, thank you very much for your reply to my post and you sure did answer my question. I went to my PC first and logged into Evernote and found that I was using the ATT account. I logged out of that and then logged in using the Gmail account and WALA, there were all 90 of my notes!!!! I didn’t imagine that the procedure would be so simple. I then did the same on my LG phone and there they were once again! You were ever so helpful and I really do appreciate you taking your time to respond with your help.
  2. jefito, GURO extraordinaire, I certainly am happy and glad to know that you watch this Evernote Forum because you answered my dilemma in just one paragraph; Thank You! I did sign out of my ATT account, reluctantly I might add as I read that my cached notes would be gone, and I signed into my Gmail account, and WALA, there were all 90 of my notes and passwords, etc.!!!! I was ecstatic to see them once again. As for why I have two accounts, damn if I know, likely that I just didn't know what I was doing at the time that I started using Evernote, and maybe for some privacy too, not real sure now. I had already added 33 of those Gmail notes to my ATT account but now I don't have to do that any longer thanks to YOU. Again, jefito, many thanks for your great help and knowledge. Michael
  3. I recently changed phones from a Samsung S6 to a LG G6 Android phone. I had two Evernote notebooks on the Samsung, the major one was froghairjax@gmail.com and I had 90 notes in that notebook. The other was ....@att.net, my primary email account with Evernote, and it only had six notes. When the Verizon rep brought over apps from my Samsung to my LG the Evernote account only had the ATT.net notes and the Gmail.com notebook was missing. I went to Evenote.com on my PC and I found the Gmail.com notebook but no way to get it onto my Android phone, so I had to recreate many notes to the ATT.net notebook. Today when I went back to Evernote to look at the Gmail notebook again it was not there. Does anyone know how to find that Gmail notebook and get the notes onto my Android phone?
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