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  1. I'm trying to adjust to the new Evernote app on macOS. Some positives, some bugs, but TONS of regressions against macOS system UI/UX standards compared with old Evernote. Biggest one annoying me right now is I can no longer DRAG & DROP my files or images from a note to destinations like most apps, Finder windows, Safari, "Choose File" buttons, etc. This is horrid behavior and is inexcusable on macOS, a platform fundamentally built around the concept of drag & drop. Please don't tell me to "save attachment as" and drag from there. In macOS files and other atomic objects are first-class citizens and therefore must support drag & drop to be compliant with human interface guidelines. Currently drag & drop fails SILENTLY which is shameful; acts like it will work on hover-over and then just doesn't. What's worse is that there are some destinations that you can drag to, and this varies by filetype. I'm up a wall.
  2. I love the new templates feature—I've been looking forward to it for a while! When creating a new note from a template, metadata is not retained. Specifically, tags saved onto the template are not added to the new note. This seems like an oversight to me, since templated notes are likely to have many tags in common.
  3. Hello, I'm having an incredibly frustrating issue with Evernote. I have hundreds of notes with long PDF slide decks, in combination with longform typed notes. I type these notes in Evernote while viewing/annotating the PDF in a different app. I have these PDFs "view as attachment" because otherwise I would have 70 pages of slides to scroll through before I reach my actual notes. My problem is that these PDFs pop open to "view inline" ALL THE TIME!!! It happens whenever the note refreshes, whenever I hit Ctrl-Z, whenever the attachment "updates", and at seemingly many other random times. Incredibly frustrating! I have the overall app setting default to "View Inline", because my primary use for Evernote is a paperless workflow, and in those settings I do need the attachments to view inline. PLEASE HELP!! This has happened for all of the most recent versions of Evernote for macOS (from at least 7.0 onwards).
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