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  1. I was slow to update to the new version (I'm a daily user, but actually don't recall seeing a notification until a week ago - but maybe that is a separate issue) ... and like @Bob Withers I too am amazed that I simply discovered this by it not working - and then wasting lots of time confirming that it wasn't just me or my computer etc. I appreciate @Austin G you giving an explanation as to how this came about - and really hope that you can restore this ASAP - I find it crazy to think that a note writing program can suddenly not include a spell checker! And @Austin G when it does return, can I please request that a number followed by a colon and followed by another number not be seen as a misspelling? Maybe it is because I am an Australian, but 12:05 pm or John 3:16 are the standard ways I have always known to write time and Bible references. Thank you, Rohan Prowse
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