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  1. I beg your pardon everyone. I have not done any kind of reporting. But I'll see if I can bring this thread to the attention of EN support. Since touch screen scrolling works just fine for others, and myself now that I've tried, perhaps it isn't as much a bug as it is a feature. A pure guess is that the scrolling is adapted for touch screen usage, which restrain touch pads to be working optimally at the same time. The same would be true the other way around. It would be very weird though, since both forms works in other apps, programs etc.
  2. Hi. Later updates of the desktop version, including this one, have left me with terrible a scrolling issue inside of notes. The exact same thing went on after previous major update. For this reason alone I was using until now. There are several things acting out: the response of the scroll is delayed - it simply doesn't show instant response and varies depending on scroll movement scrolling is not continuous (as in smooth) even though my fingers on the touchpad are - it is jerky as if I was making tiny scrolling movements up/down across the touchpad (!) i
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