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  1. Well, all suggestions considered, there is still no apples AND bananas search possible. That is, Evernote should return all notes that have in them both the words 'apples' and 'bananas' wherever in the note they are. This should not be a big fix at all and must be considered as this need arises frequently.
  2. As of now, I know of two ways to search my notes if I have more than one keyword. For example: If I need notes that have the word "apples" OR the word "grapes", I would simply type "apples grapes" without quotes in the search box. If I need notes that have both the words "apples grapes" together inside, I would type in "apples grapes with QUOTES in the search box. BUT, I do not see the option of searching for notes with both the words inside the note not necessarily together. That is, I need to do the search with a logical AND. If Evernote provided a simple query language with logical connectors like AND, OR, NOT, etc., the search would become very powerful! I have over 3000 notes and many times, I cannot find the note I am looking for because of this limitation.
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