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  1. Thank you for your replies. But Evernote is so good I don’t want to move back to day one. It will have to do.
  2. Confirming that the three asterisks is the way to do it without having to disable smart punctuation.
  3. Hello there I created a topic in the general section as a feature request, but maybe the function is there and I did not see it. As I am importing entries from my journal in the Day One app, is there a way to modify the created date? My entries must have a specific created date for chronology purposes, and I find myself unable to do so in the iPad Pro. If it's not there, any chance of having this feature implemented in the future? is it on the dev roadmap?
  4. This is already available. When you are on the note, pres the "i" button in the circle located in the upper-right corner of the note. To edit the location just touch the map and drag the pin around the map to a location of your choice. Hit the back arrow when you're done and that's it. A "my current location" button would be nice but there is not, as well as a search field.
  5. As I have been searching through the forum and in internet, this feature has been requested many, many times and it's 2018 and still can't edit dates in my iPad. As I'm importing diary entries from Day One app, I would need to establish a specific created date and I simply can't. Any news on this? is it in the roadmap or something? It wouldn't be too difficult to implement, so why is still not a thing?
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